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#you little dirty bloody handsome thieving bitch

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For April Fools’ Day, my local radio station is playing literally nothing but Backstreet Boys’ songs and announcing them as other songs, and I think that’s beautiful.

That’s not a joke that’s a gift

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potential spoilers but not really

Things that will make Guardians of the Galaxy more funny when you know the comic background:

  • Groot is actually really smart and a prince. Due to his vocal cords being wood, he makes very high pitch noises and when he speaks all we can hear is, “I am Groot” Rocket on the other hand has very sensitive hearing and can actually understand him. 
  • The dog in the space suit is named Cosmo. He’s a telepath and becomes the leader of Knowhere 

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When my friend was in fourth grade her teacher asked for an example of irony, and she answered “Harry Potter searching for the final horcrux, but he is the final horcrux” and her teacher started screaming and said “I DIDN’T FINISH THE BOOK OH MY GOD!”

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words to live by

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My God, are we gonna be like, our parents? Not me. Ever.

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One of the best moments of my childhood.



I can’t even tell you how excited I was that they turned this book into a movie and it was good

I literally have absolutely no complaints with the movie at all. Once, my friend and I did comparisons from the book and the movie, and we found the only major difference was the fact that Stanley wasn’t heavy set when he arrived at the camp in the movie. The majority of the script is raw quotations from the book.
This is my favorite book to movie adaptation and it did everything Percy Jackson, Inkheart, and The Golden Compass didn’t.

yesss this was such a good book and film

And the only reason Stanely wasn’t heavy set was because in the book he loses tons of weight and eventually ends up being almost thin. The director said he didn’t want to force an adolescent boy to lose weight on such a quick filming schedule, and L’bouf’s audition was so spot on, that they decided to go with a thinner Stanely from the beginning

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"if a guy cheated on u just ignore him! u don’t have to yell at him" um no what the fuck???? im gonna let him know he’s a piece of shit and then never talk to his bitch ass again. also im gonna look good as hell thanks

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